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What is silk fabric?


What is silk fabric?
What is the difference between pure silk fabric and non-pure silk fabric? Pure silk fabrics refer to fabrics that are made of 100% silk and are not mixed with other ingredients. The corresponding is some blended fabrics, such as silk-cotton blended silk-cotton satin or silk-cotton spinning or silk-polyester blending.

But generally pure silk is a more colloquial term, and the real written expression is generally 100% silk. Or 100% other fabrics.

In addition, there is a special kind of silk fabrics, silk fabrics with stretch, stretch satin, stretch crepe de chine, stretch georgette, etc. These fabrics are stretchy, while mulberry silk itself is not very stretchy, so Some elastic fabrics will definitely be added, here is spandex. Generally, the composition of stretch silk fabric is 4%-6% spandex and 94%-96% mulberry silk.

Sometimes the cage is unified, and the silk fabric with stretch will be classified as pure silk.

Raw silk is a kind of mulberry silk, which can also be said to be a semi-finished product of cooked silk, because the general silk-making process is cocoon---raw silk cooked silk. Generally, the silkworm cocoons are first added to a cocoon cooker with 80 degrees hot water. After the cocoons are softened and expanded, the cocoon silk is drawn out and wound on the silk reeling frame. This is raw silk. Raw silk is processed again to become cooked silk. Generally speaking, the silk fabric made of raw silk is relatively stiff, has steel bones and is easy to shape; the silk fabric made of cooked silk is soft and close to the body.

Therefore, raw silk is also a kind of real silk. Generally, the real silk fabrics made of raw silk have double palaces that are often used as curtains, and silk gauze and taffeta suitable for wedding dresses. Very popular abroad.

There is a very magical unit for silk fabrics, Momi, which is abbreviated as MM in English. People who don't know silk fabrics, if they just see MM, they will think it means millimeters.

In fact, this is not the case. MM is not a direct unit of thickness, it is just a manifestation of the weight of silk fabrics. The conversion between it and grams is 1 millimetre = 4.3056 grams/square meter.

The common silk fabrics are 8 mum, 12 mum, 16 mum, 19 mum, and 30 mum. That is to say, the larger the number, the heavier the fabric, and the price of silk fabric follows the weight. The larger the meter, the higher the price will generally be.

Common silk fabric classification:

The development of real silk fabrics has now been divided into many types, such as stretch satin, crepe de chine, plain crepe satin, stretch satin, etc. This article will introduce you to the silk fabrics often seen on the market.

1. Plain crepe satin: It is a conventional fabric in the fabric. It feels very smooth and has a relatively small shrinkage rate. The cheongsams or dresses on the market are basically made of plain satin, which gives people a noble and elegant feeling. The silk fabric has the best gloss.

2. Stretch satin: It is a new fabric, the composition is 94% silk and 6% spandex, the gloss is darker than plain crepe satin, but it has good elasticity and comfort, and the shrinkage rate is relatively small.

3. Double crepe: This fabric is crepe on both sides, with the characteristics of silk, soft, with a touch of pearl luster, and good air permeability, but the shrinkage rate is 10%, so it is best to pre-shrink before buying.

4. Georgie: The fabric is very light and thin, transparent, soft, light, and draped, giving people an elegant feeling, but the shrinkage rate can sometimes reach 15%, so you should reserve the number of meters for the shrinkage rate before buying.

5. Power spinning: The fabric has good shading, good air permeability, and smoothness. The most commonly used fabric for eye masks, hand-painted wallpapers and wiping instruments on the market, the shrinkage rate is only about 5%.

6. Organza: It is made of raw silk and has a firm texture. It is a transparent or translucent light yarn, a special fabric for wedding dresses.
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